Saturday, August 9, 2014

der grüner see

~forugh farrakhzad~

  • I Shall Salute the Sun Once Again
  • I shall salute the sun once again to the stream that flowed within me, to the clouds that were my tallest thoughts, to the painful growth of aspens in the garden who endured the seasons of drought with me, to the flock of crows who as a gift brought the fields nocturnal scent to me, to my mother who lived in a mirror and revealed the figure of my old age, and to the earth, whose burning womb I’ve filled with green seeds in my lust for repetition I shall salute once again.

  • The Forbidden Walls
  • Now forbidding walls frontier walls rise again in the quiet night like plants sentries posted on my love’s estate I can sense it I know when it’s time to pray Now  all the stars are making love Come back with me Come back with me to the start of creation to the fragrant core of a fertilized egg to the moment I was born from you Come back with me You’ve left me incomplete Now the doves on the tips of my breasts take wing Now kisses cocooned in my lips stir like butterflies thinking of flight Now my body’s an altar ready for the rites of love. Let me conceive by the moon in the sanctuary of the night Let me be filled by small raindrops by infant hearts by the weight of children not yet born Perhaps my love could be the womb of another Jesus.

  • Green Delusion
  • I wept all day to my mirror Spring had given my window away to the green delusion of trees how cramped I was in my cocoon alone my crown of paper mildewed and polluting the air of that sunless realm I couldn’t anymore, I couldn’t Street sounds, bird song tennis balls bounding away flurry of children fleeing balloons bobbing, climbing like soap bubbles to the tips of their branches of string and through ancient clefts in my fortress of silence whose walls securely hemmed me in the wind called my heart by its name panting as though sunk in love’s deepest, darkest moment.

~kiarostami: taste of cherry~