Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coffee Expert - Nico Muhly and Teitur

long drive to the chiropractor for a long wait in a sterile waiting room just for a few minutes of back cracking but mannnnn, the drive home sure feels shorter and i feel a lil taller.

so i don't really listen to the radio anymore, just kalx. sometimes, though, when they're playing bad music, or more likely there's some cal sporting game that they're airing i listen to kzsu.

so my brother and i are driving home, shorter and taller, listening to kzsu and this awesome song is playing by nico muhly whose impressive resume includes composing the soundtrack for the 2008 film "The Reader" and composing for Grizzly Bear's album Veckatimest. The song is called "The Only Tune: I. Two Sisters" and has three parts, II. and III. Ha.

well, i can't find the only tune online, but this is pretty impressive... on some wine & bowties shit...

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