Sunday, January 8, 2017

:::DECOLONIALITY::: in tears... brown, and broken, and brought to tears... bbking said, singing the blues is like being black twice... this virtual space was initiated with a personal manifesto - a declaration of independence, of revolt, of obstinacy, of... a need for freedom.

it has been years. my best-kept memories are here. my growth is here, in song and image and word.

I have finally found what I've been looking for. it started with édouard glissant, widened with mignolo, and is firm now with maldonado-torres. Decoloniality:

"The transition from the solitude of damnation to the possibility of communication passes through the formulation of critical questions. Decolonial critique finds its anchor in the open body. When the damné communicates the critical questions that are grounded on the lived experience of the open body we have the emergence of an-other speech and an-other way of thinking. This is why writing for many intellectuals of color is no less than a major event. Writing is a form of reconstituting oneself and a way of countering the effects of ontological separation and metaphysical catastrophe. That is why Fanon wrote Black Skin even though “nobody asked [him] to” (Fanon 2008, 11), why the Chicana Gloria Anzaldúa considered writing “a way of life” (Anzaldúa 2000, 236), and part of the reason why it was so revolutionary for Biko’s writings to circulate with the title I Write what I Like (2002 [1978])."

This. This is why I have always written for myself, myself alone.

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