Saturday, June 3, 2017

ethiopian artists i love

i had the pleasure recently of sitting in the parlor of my aunt's fabulous ladera heights home in los angeles one evening, listening to my dad and aunts and uncle talk about contemporary ethiopian art. i learned some pretty interesting history, along with learning about some new artists. here's a selection of some of my favorites, both new and old, working across mediums:

aida muluneh

"a strong light"

"spirit of sisterhood"

"divine comedy"

wosene worke kosrof

"speaking of time"

"we the people"

"coltrane's notebook"

"house of sheba"

elias sime

michael tsegaye

"ethiopia seen outside the box: ankober 2007"

"rainy season in addis"


gedewon makonnen

alexander "skunder" boghossian

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