Friday, December 11, 2009

Andrew Bird et St. Vincent

the rain has arrived in the bay area. redorangeyellow leaves scatter in sprinkletops on sidewalks and carhoods. soft petals mulching back into the earth bare voluptuous red rosehips. went mudskating with rocketman and j-double-o-infinity down to a magical redwood grove in the fading light of a purplebrownpink sky. though which redwood groves aren't magical? lamented the loss of nature to billions upon billions of dollars of development, the coming of concrete that keeps the mud from between your toes on days like today, and the notion of being a "city person" versus an "outdoorsy type" - at the heart and soul and thick of it all we were all made to run around in the woods while it's raining.

and so, in the spirit of rain and hot tea and mud-caked feet, here's a blogotheque soirée de poche of andrew bird and st. vincent... thanks to david for this one.

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