Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Story of Stuff

I often think about the life of everything around me - the journey from beginning to end of my food, my clothes, my furniture, my books, the buildings I'm in, etc. It's pretty mind boggling, the process of production, this world that we've created. And let's face it, this "green movement" is here for a reason - the western, "developed," and "civilized" world is raping and pillaging our earth's resources and shitting on our souls. Sorry to be so crude about it. Things need to change, and things are changing, but we must always remember that behind all of our actions there are consequences, and we always have a choice: Are we going to add to or aid our world's ailments?

This short video is an entertaining and easy to follow story of the stuff that makes up our world. It is a good eye-opener, reminder, or refresher. Watch it. Annie Leonard is definitely coloring outside of the lines.

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