Friday, December 18, 2009

Beirut: Une Blogotheque Soirée de Poche

Ok, so this is gonna be the last blogotheque video I post for awhile, I swear (it's just so hard cuz they have so much good stuff!)... But this video is definitely my favorite by far. I love klezmer/old world/eastern european/balkan music, and I love the rockpop twist that Beirut gives it. It's just good music.

But I think the main reason I love this video is because it's a coolass party. Zach Condon starts a lil off, but once they get past the first song they're vibin. The 2nd song "Nantes" is hands down my new favorite song and that's when the party really starts rollin - the crowd gets into it, starts singin along, and you can tell that folks are enjoying the show. By the end of the sixth song everyone is drunk and joyous and giddy and belting along and just contagiously, exuberantly happy. It's raucous and lively and energized and aching with something like love and fun. Love of music, love of the moment. The band members, especially the drummer, have let go and look so incredibly.... pleased. Content. Settled. It's how music should be performed and enjoyed. Here's to hoping Beirut starts touring soon and we can catch them at an intimate venue at least somewhat reminiscent of this Soirée...

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