Sunday, December 20, 2009

Beats Antique

<a href="">Oriental Uno (feat. Fanfara Kalashnikov) by beats antique</a>

the bearded buddy-ole-pal-man turned me onto beats antique awhile back before departing for latin american deserts and jungles and journeys. based outta my very own oakland, ca they are another example of a really cool musical fusion of different cultures. they are playing a couple of shows at the independent in san francisco january 2 and 3, but getchyo tickets soon cuz the first show is already sold out!

from their website:

BEATS ANTIQUE, an oakland based group featuring ZOE JAKES, DAVID SATORI, AND SIDECAR TOMMY, which has stumbled down the rabbit hole and emerged anew on the other side. BEATS ANTIQUE forges a curious alliance between middle eastern traditions and potent west coast circus, underground hip hop, breakbeat brass band, downtempo, glitch and dubstep.

Supporting their 2nd album, COLLIDE (2008 CIA records), BEATS ANTIQUE'S DJ sets on BASSNECTAR'S "THE OTHER SIDE" tour feature their diverse sound collage as the opening act for one of the nation's most well known DJ's. ZOE JAKES, nominated as Zaghareet's "Best Interpretive Artist 2007", presents a unique take on Tribal bellydance, influenced by Art Nouveau, tango, Breakdance, and Indian classical dance. BEATS ANTIQUE has brought the paradox of electro-acoustic music into the future

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